Risk Information

Physician Involvement

DermTech works with an independent network of board-certified physicians to support your Luminate testing experience. A physician will review your Luminate order and your survey answers, which are required for testing, and approve eligible orders. A physician will also review your Luminate results when completed by the Gene Lab. Luminate provides personalized information and education that empowers you to be more involved with and educated about your own skin health. We encourage you to share your results with your physician along with any questions you have regarding your skin care.

Luminate is not intended to diagnose a disease or health condition, or tell you anything about your risk for developing a disease in the future.

  1. This test is not a substitute for visits to a healthcare provider. It is recommended that you consult with a healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about your results.
  2. The test does not diagnose any health conditions. Results should be used along with other clinical information for any medical purposes.
  3. The laboratory may not be able to process your sample. The probability that the laboratory cannot process your sample can be up to 10 percent.

Luminate is a provisional trademark of DermTech, Inc.