Own Your Skin
Own Your Skin

Know Your Skin at the DNA Level

Introducing Luminate, the world’s first skin test that identifies UV damage in your skin’s genes. So you don’t have to guess about the state of your skin. You can know it.


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Our smart sticker lets you test your skin’s genes 

Most UV damage can’t be seen by the naked eye — not even by a dermatologist — because it starts deep within your skin’s cells. But Luminate can detect it. An easy at-home test, Luminate uses DermTech’s patented smart sticker to lift a sample from your skin, then analyzes it to find abnormalities at the DNA level accurately and objectively. Way before damage shows on your skin. While there’s still time to repair, and restore and proactively change your habits. With Luminate’s smart sticker and advanced genomic analysis, you now have the tools to truly know your skin, and the power to take control of its care.

FACT: The sun doesn’t affect everyone equally, and not everyone has the same exposure and risk factors.

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To use Luminate, you first take a Luminate SkinPrint with our state of the art smart stickers that easily and painlessly remove skin tissue for testing. All you do is press, rub, and lift. There are four stickers to test four specific areas of your face — forehead, nose and each cheek.

The Luminate Report

Next you’ll send your Luminate SkinPrint to DermTech’s Gene Lab, the first and only commercial lab to extract nucleic acid from non-invasive skin samples. There, the sample is analyzed to find changes to key genes that indicate UV damage.

luminate skin score 23 low your gene expression levels indicated a low amount of skin uv damage to your skin given your current age
The Luminate Report

In 3-5 days, you get back your personalized Luminate Report. Not only does it indicate your actual level of UV damage at the DNA level, it gives you personalized, science-based recommendations on how to restore and repair that damage.

FACT: You do not need an office visit to use Luminate. It’s designed for you to use at home.

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Learn What Your Skin Says

Luminate’s patented test analyzes four specific genes for DNA mutations: TP53, NOTCH1, NOTCH2, and CDKN2A. These indicate abnormalities and signs of UV damage. In your report, this information is aggregated into your skin score, which indicates your UV damage level — low, moderate, or high — information that is crucial to knowing proven steps to take to restore and repair your skin.

Get Objective, Science-Based Treatments

The main benefit of knowing your exact level of UV damage is that you can take actual, objective steps to restore and repair it. Your report will outline these recommendations based on your personal Luminate skin score threshold.

You can expect to find specific recommendations across two areas: preventing future damage (like sunblocks and diet adjustments), and restoring damaged skin (like supplements, topical creams, peels or laser treatments).

FACT: Recommendations come from vetted, third-party medical trials and are proven to restore and repair sun damaged skin.

“Luminate measures UV damage in normal looking skin to asses future skin cancer risk and skin aging, allowing people to seek appropriate treatments and better manage their skin health.”

“Luminate will help us get to the scene of the crime almost before it takes place.”

“Luminate is a powerful tool that puts consumers in the driver’s seat.”

Own Your Skin

Be one of the first to understand your skin at the DNA level